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Isomers is the name of the organization of the alumni who graduated in 1958 from Industrial Chemistry Department of Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan. The purpose of Isomers Communication is to publish essays and other articles authored by the members.  The articles in the volumes prior to 2011 are mostly written in Japanese.  However, in order to invite the visitors who do not read Japanese language, we decided to open this English edition that posts the articles written in English, some of which are translation of the articles written in the past volumes. 


The pace of posting articles on this edition is expected to be slow (perhaps one or two articles a month), but our effort will continue. We expect you to visit this page once in a while.  If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to write to




Oil Paintings of Professor Laqua’s Chemical Experiments at Liebig Museum, Giessen, Germany,  Fumiko Takeyama  (painting and article), posted Feb. 2, 2011


German Trips of Chemical History, Visiting Footprints of Great Chemists of 19th Century, Kazuo Itoh


Fumiko Takeyama’s Oil Paintings and Petit Meeting of Tokyo Isomers, Takayuki Takeyama


How to make astringent persimmons non-astringent, S. Nakamura


Special Reports

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accidents and Interpretation of the News

  1. Prolog  (7AM US-EST, 3-14-011)
  2. Diagram of BWR (7AM US-EST, 3-14-011)
  3. Fundamentals of LOCA (Loss of Coolant Accident) (7AM US-EST, 3-14-011)
  4. Leak of Radiation at a LOCA (7AM US-EST, 3-14-011)
  5. Hydrogen Release and Explosion (7AM US-EST, 3-14-011)
  6. Emergency Core Cooling System (9AM US EST, Mar14, 2011)
  7. No Panic for Exodus Necessary  (6pm US EST, Mar 14, 2011)
  8. My Optimism Was Totally Wrong  (6AM EST, Mar-16, 2011)
  9. Fukushima Nuclear Daiichi Plant:  Overview of Current Status of the Accidents
  10.  Is or was nuclear chain reaction possible in damaged Fukushima reactors?
  11.  Heat Generation in Fukushima Power Reactors is a 0.3% level as of March 21
  12.  Location of Spent Fuel Storage Pool in LWRs
  13.  Radiation Units













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