How to set up Japanese language bar for kana input






Japanese language bar, which is necessary to write Japanese language with kana input, can be set up in any of the Windows XP, VISTA and 7, even if the Windows version is for Europe.


I will write here a step-by-step procedure. The illustrations shown below are based on Windows XP because I do not use Windows 7, so page layouts may be different. (My computer is only a few months old but I selected XP.) However, I believe the principle is the same.



Open Control Panel (next figure)

In the above, click on Date, Time, Language and ; then the next page opens:



Click on Add other language (above); the next page opens:


See here Language has been selected and opened.

Click Install files for East Asian Language as you see above.

Click the detail button. The next page opens:


The above is my own setting, but you can set your PC in the same way using Add and Remove buttons.


Open the next page by clicking on Language Bar button:

Click the first and the last boxes as shown above. The pages will close as you click on OK on each.


Now, a small bar of EN English will appear at the top right corner of the PC screen, and/or at the right end or bottom of the tool bars on the PC Screen.

If you see that, you succeeded.

The rest is to click on the language bar and select JP Japanese in the language bar.


Keep in mind that Japanese kana input option is not apparent until you are ready to write Japanese in kana. That is you open MS Word and ready to type Japanese with kana input. Even when you come to this stage, you need to be patient and do some experiments to learn.